Our Services

Peckham Boston Advisors has built a solid reputation since 1963 for its ability to sell real estate investment assets and notes quickly at current fair market value.

PBAC, originally founded as Data Realty Corp in 1963, has created a network of over 30,000 commercial investment real estate professionals and investors reachable instantly with its proprietary REOtoCashTM marketing system.

How the REOtoCash system works - "It's like an Auction - without an Auction!"

Once a target price has been established for the asset or note, PBAC instantly reaches each member of its network using PBAC's eMail Broadcast Wizard with a brief synopsis of the property. Typically we receive 30 to over 100 responses within 4-6 hours. These responses are evaluated with an interest level indexing system and narrowed to the top 5- 10 potential buyers. At that time a call for offers system is activated and offers are evaluated based on several criteria - led by the purchaser's ability to perform.

This is a system that has performed beyond most asset managers expectations for years. We would be pleased to demonstrate the power of the REOtoCash system so you can test this on your most difficult investment property asset.